Various Blogger Awards

The last two weeks I was nominated for several blogger awards: George Weaver and BW Bears both nominated me for the One Lovely Blog Award.

Tricia A. Mitchell  nominated me for the Picture the World Project and both Colleen E. Gunderson Photography  and Anna Laviola Milo nominated me for the  Kreativ Blogger Award.

To all of you: THANK YOU!! I am so happy you like my street photography!

I know the rules are that I should list down some things about myself. As this is not only time consuming, but since I have done this several times before already and since I don’t want to repeat the list all over again, just klick on “Awards”  above (next to “About”) and read the list (in case you are interested).

Here are my nominations:

The Picture the World Project goes to my colleague Robert Fishman as I am sure one of his recent travel photos will fit in.

Both the Kreativ Blogger and the One Lovely Blog Award go to:


Cornel Apostol



Carissa Snedeker

Ann Novek

Myau Myau

Recovery Thru My Lense

Robyn Lee


13 thoughts on “Various Blogger Awards

      • You’re welcome – I love your work – it’s always a pleasure seeing it in my inbox. The same awards come up quite often, so I totally understand. Pour yourself a long cool glass of something instead. All the best.

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