ABC Blog Award

Another award! Seven Legged Express Journey nominated me for the ABC (Awesome Blog Contest) Award. Thank you, Panda Smith and Drizzle Deer for giving me this award and for following my blog. The ABC Blog Award asks the recipient to name 26 alphabetical things about themselves. So, here they are, from A-Z:

Aries (my ascendant), Banana (I eat one every day), Curious (I am by profession), December (my month of birth), Energetic (I am), Francesco (my son), German (my nationality), Hurry (I always do), Intelligent (I am), Journalist (my profession), Keen (I am), Late (I never am), Mischievous (sometimes), Nice (I think I am), Observant (by nature), Patrick (my better half), Quick (I usually am), Reliable (extremely), Sagittarious (my astrological sign), Thin (by nature), Unique (says my better half), Vegan (because I respect life), Water (only from the bottle), Xenophobia (I do not have), Yogurt (has to be soy),  Zealous (I am sometimes).

I’d like to nominate the following bloggers for the ABC Blog Award:

Behind the Lens Photography

Luc Parent

Tricia A.Mitchell

We Are Shutter Proof

Just A Picture

Snapshots By Harold

Antonio De Simone


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